Know The Truth Behind Body Wraps

Everyday, your body is exposed into different kinds of pollution, which results to toxic substances. Not only through pollution you get those harmful toxins but also in the food you eat, the cleaning supplies you used, and the clothes you wear to name a few. By using the ultimate body applicator for detoxification, it can help eliminate some of those harmful toxins from the body and can also provide essential minerals and vitamins to your body's most visible and largest body organ - the skin.  

The History


Would you believe that body wraps have been around for so many years? Way back to ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, where it is being used as their therapy to heal and detoxify their body, restore minerals, remove excess fluids and fats from the tissues, reduce joint pain, tighten and tone the skin, and others. Over the past 25 years, the cosmetic industry with the increase of science, body wraps are now considered one of the top list treatments that offer therapeutic and cosmetic benefits for your entire body.  


Different Types of Body Wraps


Dehydration Wraps – Primarily through water elimination, these types of wraps creates only a minor amount of inch loss of the body. This kind of body wraps are very useful, especially to women who gets bloated most of the time when they want to retain fluid inside their body. Users said that the results are somewhat similar when someone spent their time in the sauna or through excessive exercise. The majority of body wraps on the market are these kind of wraps according to industry experts, so always ask them before using and how long the results can be expected to last.


Pampering Wraps – This is very common in spas and this type of wrap is good for moisturizing your skin. They are usually used with different kinds of ingredients like, cream, oil and even mud and it is applied to your body. After applying it, you will then be wrapped in a warm blanket while you are relaxing and listening to your favorite music. It will help you de-stress, get rid of those unwanted fats and detoxify your body.


Understanding The Toxins


Toxins are harmful preservatives and chemicals that enters your body through different factors and absorbed by the skin pores from the products you apply daily to your skin and hair. Scientifically, our bodies are made and designed to flush out these toxins through kidneys and livers. But sometimes, the amount you take in is somehow greater than what bodies can process safely, so the said toxins end up being stored and absorbed by the fat cells around it.



Make sure that you read the instructions and ask from people who already used body wraps for testimonials. Read through the body wrap ingredients to ensure that you will feel comfortable before using it. Claustrophobic people should be aware that it requires wrapping, so ask assistance from someone whom you can trust and help you. Be sure to stay hydrated to replenish the water in your body. Happy wrapping!

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