The Top 5 Ingredients of the Body Wraps

The ultimate body applicator commonly known as the body wraps is a non woven cloth infused with botanical formula that targets the basic unit of the skin such as the collagen and elastin to let the skin get back to its original shape. It will tighten, tone and firm a sagging and slackening skin; it does not help in losing weight.It will also help in minimizing the appearance of cellulite-the unwanted dimples in your arms, legs, thighs and belly. These are all indications that you are aging. However with the body wrap, you can reveal a better and youthful looking skin in as little as 45 minutes because of the active ingredients it contains.

The ingredients of the body wrap are known good for the skin and have been used for herbal medicines. With the state of the art technology, it is infused in a non woven cloth and has now gained a buzz in the beauty market. 


Some common ingredients of the body wrap include the following:


Green tea extract from the leaf of camellia sinensis. Aside from the caffeine content of green tea that makes you have a chilling morning, green tea extract of this plant also provides anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin protection properties that restore the health of your skin. It contains the Epigallocatechin galate, an antioxidant that is 200 times stronger than Vitamin E. It also contains polyphenols that protect the skin cells and helps in limiting the death of skin cells. 


Fucus vesiculosus: the seaweed content of the body wrap. It is also known as the bladderwrack. It is a brownish green algae that has been used for medications for centuries. It helps in the retention of collagen as well as decreasing the thickness of the skin to normalize a sagging and slackening skin. It contains fucoidan that has the capability to prevent blood clots because of its anitcoagulant property. The bladderwrack ensures that every tiny arteries in the surface of your skin receive the oxygen-nutrient-rich blood pump by the heart. 


Ivy leaf extract from the plant Hedera helix. It is an evergreen climbing plant known for its great molluscicidal, anti-fungal, anthelmintic, anti-cellulite and anti-mutagenic properties. It is responsible for minimizing the appearance of cellulite. The ivy leaf extract contains an active Saponin called hederin that can protect the blood vessels and decrease its permeability. Also, elements in the extract can absorb edemas or the accumulation of fluid, a stage in the development of cellulite. It will prevent the further formation of these unwanted dimples. 


Ruscus aculeatus  commonly known as the Butcher's broom. It is a common evergreen shrub that contains active compounds: ruscogenin and neoruscogenin that can help in relieving leg pain. It prevents pooling of blood in the veins especially in the lower extremities. It is more beneficial to people suffering chronic venous insufficiency. 


Horse Chestnuts. It is also an important ingredient of the wrap because it can treat poor blood circulation. The leaf of this plant can also help in treating eczema, arthritis and menstrual pain. It contains “aescin” that contains anti-inflammatory property that can also limit the death of skin cells. 


These are just a few of the natural ingredients present in the body wrap. They work together to ensure that your skin will get the nutrition it needs and reveal a better and youthful look. 

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