How to become an effective body wrap distributor?

Previous posts in this blog clearly defined how the famous slimming body wraps become beneficial to your skin. As a body contouring technique, it helps you in getting a tighter, toner and firmer skin. That is in as little as 45 minutes. You also get to have a smoother skin because it minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Despite such effect, the truth remains that it is not designed for weight loss. But it can help in shrugging off a few inches on your wait, thighs and legs that are caused by excess of hanging skin. The layers of sluggish skin actually make you look fat or chubby even after losing tremendous amount of weight.



The ingredients of the wraps are active and natural. To name a few, it contains the green tea extract, bladderwrack, horse chestnut, butcher's broom, guarana seed extract, ivy leaf extract and many other natural ingredients that have been long proven to be good for the skin. Most of these ingredients promote anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin protection activities. These are the one's responsible for the fast and effective results of the body wraps. 

On the other hand, it is not just the benefit of the wrap. Because on the side, you can also earn from it. That is by being a body wrap distributor. You will earn by distributing the product and getting your own team as an independent distributor. To become an effective distributor, you must:


  • Properly understand the benefits and limitations of your products. The best thing is you patronize your own so that you can give tips and clear misconceptions about the use of the body wrap.

  • Learn to communicate well with your prospect customers whether online or offline. Your first customers are your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and office mates. Show them the results before and after the application.

  • Build a website that will showcase all necessary information about the body wrap and related topics that will provide a holistic understanding of having a better and healthier living. It must be able to show the importance of following the procedures posted in the body wrap package.

  • Follow the policies of the company especially in terms of promoting or advertising the product. As an independent distributor you represent the company and the reputation of it shall be transparent through your campaigns.

  • Be creative in making your website visible in the internet. You have search engine optimization, social media marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns. Investing on these strategies will widen your scope and will reach your target market.

  • Be patient. It is not a strategy but this attitude will eliminate negative vibes in your business. You must remain positive and continuously seek for new techniques to capture the attention of your target market.



The body wrap itself is competitive. It has gained positive feedback from its existing users. What you need to do is to inspire more people. You can capitalize on its foundation : it was made to make everybody look good and feel good about themselves. It is not expensive and evasive like plastic surgery but it can provide a better and long term result especially when you supported it with a generally healthy lifestyle. 

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