How the Body Wraps work?


It has been a long searched before we had the body contour wrap that can give a tighter, toner and firmer skin in as little as 45 minutes. For such a short period of time, your skin gets its necessary nutrients to restore its youthful look. However, the body wrap is not a product of magic but of nature. The ingredients infused in this wrap are all active, botanical and natural. To name a few, you get the anti oxidants from the green tea extract, the protective properties of the bladderwrack, the emollient properties of the caprylic/capric tryglicerides and the cool effect of the eucalyptus oil. With all the other active ingredients in the wrap, your skin gets back to its shape to showcase a better body contour.


The body slimming wrap is designed to correct your hanging or excess skin that causes sluggish layers of it. You can find it on your arms, thighs and belly areas. This is often the result of abrupt losing weight wherein your skin can’t accommodate a new and slimmer body shape. Other people would go for plastic surgery to correct this hanging skin however, the truth is you can restore its glow with just an at home body wrap. Thanks to body wrap ingredients, which are responsible for the following:

  • The ingredients of the wrap target the lymphatic system to open the channels for efficient local detoxification process. This is a body mechanism that eliminates toxin present in the skin cells. It cleanses the cells to ensure the growth of healthy ones.
  • The ingredient of the wrap such as the bladderwrack which contains fucoidan prevents blood clot. It ensures a good flow of blood through each skin cell. The blood served as the carrier of nutrients needed by the organ. The skin is an organ and it also relies on the nutrients delivered by the blood.
  • The ingredients of the wrap also boost elastin production. This is a protein that let the skin get back to its shape after it has been stretched.
  • Also, the ingredients of the wrap help in absorption of excess water that makes the skin looks saggy and sluggish.
  • Lastly, it helps in the regeneration process where the skin will form new collagen bundles that make up the skin. 

If you wonder how it is possible to get a better shape after 45 minutes, this is how the body wrap works. The active and natural ingredients are the ones responsible for tightening, toning and firming the skin. It also helps in minimizing the appearances of cellulites. As a result, you can see a better and youthful looking skin. You can apply the wrap in simple steps making it more convenient for users.

The body wrap is an innovation made by Dr. Don Verhulst. It was designed for both men and women suffering from sagging and slackening skin. We believe that having a good body physique will boost the person’s self confidence. Looking good and feeling good is just one way to have happy living. Pair it with balanced diet and active lifestyle, you can surely enjoy everything that life has to offer.



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