How to Apply the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap?

The ultimate body applicator wrap is a non woven cloth made with active and natural ingredients. The botanical formula infused in the cloth can penetrate into your skin and nourish it to facilitate the local detoxification process and fast skin cell regeneration.  It can help in getting rid of slackening and sagging skin in as little as 45 minutes. It can restore a tight, tone and firm skin.

The body wrap is very easy and efficient to use. At your own home and with just yourself, you can apply it. Here are the steps and the dos and don’ts when using the ultimate body applicator.


1. Choose your target area. The wrap can be used one at a time. So, you can choose your arms, thighs, stomach, and legs. The wrap is not designed for your face, so don’t use it there.


2. Capture/measure your target area. It will serve as your basis for evaluating the effect of the body wraps.


3. Open the body wrap kit and carefully unfold the (non-woven) cloth.


4. Wrap it in your targeted area. Rub the cream well so that it will be absorbed even by the little pores of the skin.


5. You can use a clothing, preferable Saran wrap, to tighten the wrap in your body.


6. Leave it on for 45 minutes. If you are a first time user, stick with the 45 minute rule to ensure that there will be no allergic reactions on your skin. But if you are not, you can even sleep with it. The longer the wrap is on, the better is the result.


7. Unwrap your targeted area and scrub the remaining lotion into it.


8. Capture again your targeted area. You can also measure it to see if there were any changes.

As you can see, the body applicator can be applied easily and conveniently. To maximize the results of the body wrap, you can follow the following tips.

Do: Use the body applicator once in 72 hours only until you achieved your desired results, then once a month for maintenance.

Do: Take a shower before applying the wrap. Make sure that every pore is clean to let the skin absorb the ingredients of it.

Do: Drink water half of your weight. It will ensure a good level of hydration and help in eliminating the toxins in your skin.

Don’t: Exercise when the wrap is on. Sweating can sweep out the ingredients of the wrap.

Don’t: Use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Women having their menstrual period are also prohibited from applying the wrap.

Don’t: Drink soda and any alcoholic beverage. Also, don’t smoke and eat salty foods, fatty foods, and other unhealthy foods because it will counteract the results of the body wrap.

The ultimate body applicator wrap can work well in as little as 45 minutes. However, to maintain the effects of it you also need to practice an overall healthy lifestyle. You have to choose the food you eat and be active in your everyday life.