Body Wrap: Tone, Tight, and Firm your Skin in 45 Minutes

The ultimate body applicator also known as the body wrap has been capturing the attention of the consuming public. Because of its effectiveness and efficiency even famous people tend to use it. Why not? In as little as 45 minutes you can see a tighter, toner and firmer skin. How could this happen?


The skin is an organ and a membrane at the same time. It gets old and affected by several environmental hazards. When the skin is young, it will look smooth, tight, and tone. However, as we grow older the components of the skin are being affected by the chemical reaction happen on its surface brought by both external and internal hazards. Aside from that aging also contributes to the skin’s look. Just like the other organ in the body, its functions cease and become inefficient as time goes by. 


The skin is made of collagen bundles. When these collagens are healthy, the skin will also look healthy. The skin produced elastin that is responsible for its tight and tone look. When the body is stretched, elastin is responsible for letting it get back to its original shape. However, because of age and hazards, collagens are damaged and production of elastin stopped. Because of that, you can see fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and slackening skin in different areas of your body. The good thing is these skin blemishes can be corrected and can be restored. You don’t have to lose hope because the body wrap contains active ingredients which are considered food for the skin. 


It is infused with the camellia sinensis or the green tea extract, fucus vesiculosus or the bladderwrack, jojoba seed oil, ivy plant, horse chestnut, caprylic/capric tryglicerides, etc. These botanicals contain anti- inflammatory, antioxidants and protective properties that are helpful in restoring a healthy skin. It boosts elastin production and targets the lymphatic system to facilitate local detoxification and quick cell regeneration process. It can turn back the hands of time and showcase a tight, tone and firm skin in as little as 45 minutes. 


It has also been called as the crazy wrap thing because, really, it seemed impossible to get a contouring technique that can show immediate difference in a very short period of time. But because these are all product of nature, the body wrap defies the possibility of having a restored and healthy skin. It has been known for being a non woven cloth infused with active and botanical formula that has been proven to rejuvenate the skin and restore a healthy and glowing look. Think of having a plastic surgery? You don’t have to undergo such invasive medical procedure because the body applicator is one good alternative. And it ensures a more nature-friendly application. 

The best thing is it can be applied easily at your home. Just choose your target area, unfold the applicator and leave it on for 45 minutes. After that, remove it and feel a smoother and tighter skin texture. However, the effects of the wrap can be counteracted by an unhealthy lifestyle. You have to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. The secret to a long term healthy skin is an overall healthy lifestyle. 







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